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Motorcycle on Interstate 8 Arizona

road pick·le
[rohd pik-uhl] noun, verb

1. a road trip so profound and/or comprehensive, that it changes your perspective of yourself, others, the world, or life itself. (eg: “I’m quitting my job, moving out of the apartment, and doing a road pickle this summer.”)

2. the act of embarking on a road pickle. (eg: “We’re going to road pickle all summer long and reassess ourselves.”)

Road Pickle the Journey

There are people who go on road trips, and then there are people who spend their lives on a road trip.

It turns out that thousands of people, couples, and families are traveling on the road, on motorcycles, in RVs, on bicycle, or even on foot, with no destination in mind other than whatever sounds good at the moment.

Road Pickle is about one such couple, Sash and Steve.

Beginning in March of 2013, they moved out of their San Diego apartment, put their stuff into storage, and headed out on the road on two motorcycles. Four years later, in 2017, they bought an RV Toy Hauler and live out of it as their home base while exploring the country on their bikes.

But Why Road Pickle?

Well, there once was a young man and a young woman, each leading separate lives, who never knew of each other.  Each was adventurous, independent, open-minded, and free thinking.  But somehow, as the years went by, they got married to different people, and found themselves in vanilla lives, doing vanilla stuff, owning big homes, with lots of things, shouldering lots of responsibility believing they had to consume and compete to be somebody.

And then somehow, when they reached their mid-40s, there came a realization that they had been lying to themselves, trying to fit in with other people instead of just being the people they used to be when they were young.  They each got divorces and set about stripping away the facades they had built up in a quest to rediscover themselves.

Steve and Sash
Steve and Sash

Magically, they met each other.

They started a new business together, “Too Much Tina Media“, a marketing business with clients all across the United States.

Today, Sash and Steve ride their motorcycles across the country on an indefinite adventure, carrying only what they can on their motorcycles, and moving from town to town, meeting people, getting involved in projects and events, and then moving on.

Follow Sash on her personal blog, “Sashmouth“, and Steve on his blog, “Motorcycle Philosophy“.


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