Bakersfield to Portland, April 26, 2015


Sash and I left Bakersfield, CA on April 13, embarking on the longest stretch of Road Pickle 2015, riding north along the Pacific Coast for 8 days with the ultimate destination of Portland, OR.

We spent nights in Santa Cruz, CA, Ukiah, CA, Klamath, CA, Coos Bay, OR, and Corvallis, OR, before finally reaching our hotel here in the City of Roses.

The entire distance ran nearly a 1,000 miles.

What you notice along the way is the change in topography and weather as you ride from the farm fields of the San Joaquin Valley to the Redwoods of Northern California, and the rocky coastline of Oregon. Industry changes from oil wells of Kettleman City, CA to grapevines of San Juan Valley, fishing along Eureka, CA, and coastal tourism along the Oregon coast.

We got stop at the place where James Dean made his final stop before crashing to his death.

Cultural changes is a big component too. Sash and I feasted on some really good tacos in Coalinga. But we also got some great “Fries with Eyes” in Pescadero, and some killer clam chowder in Gold Beach, OR.

There was some really great riding along Airline Highway (CA-25) through Central California, and Alsea Highway (OR-34) through Siuslaw National Forest.

Along the way, Sash got to reconnect with her old high school friend Cindy Cruz, and we also got to have dinner with fellow motorcycle bloggers Trobairitz and Troubador.

Sash was rather cold along the entire route, though she put on layers of clothes. It got really windy along the Oregon Coast, and then suddenly heated up when we headed inland to Corvallis.

We spent 7 days already here in Portland, tomorrow we’re headed further north to Seattle for a couple of weeks.


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Having first started riding in 1985 on a Kawasaki KZ400, Steve has ridden all across the United States and Canada. He currently travels full time on his Honda ST1300, living wherever he can find a friendly roof. Follow him on, "Motorcycle Philosophy".

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  1. Great photos and I’m jealous I’m not riding those roads again. I loved the northern California coast, the Chandelier tree, the Redwoods, Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. I love the photo of Sash at High Bluff Overlook near Klamath. I wish I had know about Troubador and Trobairitz when I did my cross country trip. Hope to meet them one day.

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